Human Performance Project

We all want our students to be the best they can be. Whether it is in a sport, extracurricular activity, or academically the Human Performance Project encourages healthy behaviors that will help your student to reach their maximum potential. Link Together is working with D214 schools to share the science and motivation for making healthy choices including proper sleep, nutrition, use of screen time and substance use avoidance. Science shows these factors can significantly impact the success of your student.  This initiative is not a club, it is a student commitment to leading a healthy life style with parental support.



Blue Light 

Drugs and alcohol

John Underwood

Link Together was excited to bring this outstanding speaker to District 214 and the Wheeling Township community. John Underwood, director and founder of the American Athletic Institute, brings his extensive knowledge about healthy lifestyle and reaching your best performance as an athlete, student, and person. Watch this sold out event, share with others, and learn to live a lifestyle that will help you reach your personal best!