Community Parent Nights

Bob Leece, Link Together Coalition Vice Chair and current Substance Abuse Prevention Coordinator, has been providing parents with classes and resources in the community for the past 15 years. Bob’s sessions will help parents anticipate and prevent problems proactively, develop mutual respectful relationships, explore fair discipline, maintain effective communication, and use productive problem-solving methods with children. Sharing his expertise at different community venues, one thing is certain, parents have very positive feedback: “A life changing experience for me as a parent,” I’ve taken this class twice and it has made a difference in me, which has made a huge difference in my home,” “I’ve learned practical skills that actually work,” and “This class should be mandatory for all parents.” For information on Bob’s next sessions, contact Paula Volpe at or 847-718-4947.

Bob’s Red Ribbon Week presentation was co-presented with his daughter, Maureen, and can be viewed online.

Student Advisory Board

The Student Advisory Board is Link Together’s new opportunity for students to build leadership skills, have a voice, promote healthy choices and have fun! The Student Advisory Board will work on community youth drug prevention by following the “Engaging Youth for Positive Change” model, which was developed by the University of Illinois.

Your Actions Matter

“YOUR ACTIONS MATTER!” is a youth-led initiative focused on changing adult attitudes about giving alcohol to minors. “Your Actions Matter” materials were created by the Illinois Liquor Control Commission’s Don’t Be Sorry campaign. High School and Middle school students, along with local police officers place bottle hangers and posters in local businesses that sell liquor. The youth-designed campaign materials carry a positive message, and serve as a reminder that preventing underage drinking is everyone’s responsibility.


A great Your Actions Matter PSA produced by a Villa Grove High School teen!

My Youth Leadership Experience (MYLE)

MYLE is a free, annual, student-organized leadership conference for eighth graders, sponsored by OMNI Youth Services. Its purpose is to motivate middle schoolers to go out and make a difference in their communities. Students learn about community service and leading peers, skills which are useful in high school and set participants apart from their classmates. Eighth graders who attend MYLE move onto high school prepared to lead and serve their communities.